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Home  / more about Mountainair / Online in Mountainair / earlier community and personal pages are hosted here and community blogs on Blogger. These initial efforts expanded to a multple focus network with blogs on multiple platforms / Social Media / Curated aggregation pages on Storify and Scoop.it, generated by algorithm on Paper.li. 

Beyond Mountainair: Social Bookmarking on Diigo and Delicious  and an overflowing RSS Reader. Poets and Writers Picnic started as a page for an annual local poetry event that expanded into another network (pages, blog, twitter stream)

Online courses, another community, that started with Vance Steven's Multiliteracies EVO workshop and (yet again) expanded into the emerging MOOC-iverse with a series of connectivist moocs starting with PLENK 2010 and others through EduMOOC 2011,Change 11, etc. and onto checking out the x-models.

New Faculty Majority and off-shoot pages

Social Media cyber salons and sociabiltiy

Projects I am working on or would like to develop.

About my NetVibes home on the (electronic) range

Mountainair Online
The network of pages hosted on this domain is a work in progress that, tentatively, was to include:
  1. Mountainair 87036, linked pages for local community information, images, local links,calendar, events, a portal page to community blogs and area media, aggregator page cross-tabbed and linked to other nodes
  2. Professional and workplace pages, covering work areas past and present, including work history and narratives, breeding farm management; technical writing, oil field engineering and construction support,
  3. Teaching, web work, blogging, social media, writing
  4. Education, past and continuing, as well as projects not covered under the "profession" tag: interests; learning pages; research
  5. Personal pages and networks
Alas, a plan that stalled, although feed fed widgets for Mountainair, Poets & Writers, Multiliteracies, etc live on replenished by RSS feed, giving the impression of a site better maintained than it actually is...and could yet return to.

Online in Mountainair, aggregator page

Mountainair 87036,

I call this node Mountainair 87036 after the original Mountainair pages and to tie it to speciic space,  links community, personal teaching, travel, reading, project and activism pages with blogs and other Web 2.0 social network sites that supplement and update static web pages to better engage visitor (that's you, dear reader). involvement.  Pages include:

Features (if not yet then someday): Community Calendar, Mountainair on the WWW (local webpages and blogroll), Library, Attractions, Community Resources, Organizations and more (as they occur to me)

Event Pages for Sunflower Festival, Poets & Writers Picnic and Poetry Writing Workshop and other events as the need appears. Community Calendar of local events and activities  includes (more or less in order):

Cibola Arts Cooperative exhibits + openings with receptions scheduled throughout the year (maybe not monthly but close); the Mountainair Rodeo Committee's (produced) Gymkhana Rodeo series and (hosted) New Mexico Junior Rodeo event, March through August; the Chamber of Commerce's Spring Fling in May (bingo, town clean up day, flea market/ community yard sale ~ aka Splingo!); Mountainair's longest running local event, the Annual Firecracker Jubilee on the Saturday preceding or on the 4th of July; an annual Poets & Writers Picnic, concurrent with the annual Sunflower Festival and preceded by a 3-day Sunflower Poetry Writing Workshop; the annual Deer Canyon Dog Walkathon to raise funds for the local animal shelter; MMAC's annual Concert Series, the Town of Mountainair's annual Christmas Crafts Fair and Christmas Lights Parade; a full calendar of Mountainair Mustang sporting events (MPS), activities, presentations, workshops, performances and events put on by Salinas Pueblo Missions (NPS) as well as numerous bake sales, bingos, movie nights, yard sales and dances throughout the year . I'll be adding event pages as well as links wherever a specific event is mentioned.

social media and CMC input and outposts

Network of blog, groups, listservs, social networks, where local community intersects with online communities and non-local personal worlds

Mountainair OnlineMountainair Arts; Poets & Writers Picnic, the contrary flâneuse; Work and Life; places along the way; Computers, Language and Writing; The New Faculty Majority and more, plus inactive blogs on Open Salon, Duke City Fix and Multiliteracies, now displaced by additions  on WordPress and Tumblr accounts. 

Chez Vanessa

where you will find personal interest pages ~ Caer Wydr Welsh, My Places, friends, books & reading, cities & city literature, research, arts & culture, teaching & learning, portfolio, ESL & teaching resource pages.  

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©Mountainair Train Depot, photo by Nanci Lambert
Mountainair train station, photo by Nanci Lambert

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