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Caer Wydr Stallions

Grenadier & Sam
 Lithgow Gay Grenadier (1963-1984)
(*Kirby Cane Jay x *Vanity)
at 19, Samantha Murray up

    Neither  Grenadier  nor his influence can be covered in a short blurb and will take a separate page.  As Wayne Norton said, "what an honor to have known a person like him."  Not just talented over fences and in Dressage, he was the best ever for riding out & babysitting weanlings & kids (2 & 4 legged). He  introduced my daughter to the joys of solo riding out, taking care of her in the process.

      First noted for his size (14 1/4 hh) and as a sire of large performance ponies for Nan Schmidt's Timbercreek prefix, Grenadier's most enduring mark may be as a broodmare sire, with his daughters and grandaughter  in herds
across the continent, carrying his line on under many prefixes (some not even on speaking terms with one another).

      Grenadier's friend Sam, craving her very own Grenadier, later owned, loved, evented, and ponyclubbed Grenadier's daughter, Timbercreek Wildwood, a full sister to Timbercreek Blackberry & Timbercreek Bramble,

Our mares

Foundation Lines

Hartmoor Rhymer
*Hartmoor Rhymer (deceased)
(Gredington Ffafryn x *Criban Sonnet)

      Much admired but never shown, *Hartmoor Rhymer  was an  outstanding  broodmare sire.
his influence continues:

  • Tylwyth Pony Farm
  • Ponies sired at the Texas Stud and Bull Run Plantation (Avalon prefix)
  • get & descendents of Texas Explorer throughout Pacific & Gulf Coast regions
  • Bristol As & Bs (through daughters Texas Flair & Avalon Bonnie Tlws)
  • Avalon Bulldog, a tightly linebred grandson with 3 crosses (2x3x4), for Caer Wydr & Madoc,
  • Sarah Martins' Seabreeze Welsh, through Caer Wydr Sonnet (Avalon Bulldog x Avalon Bonnie Rhymer), and Avalon Ara Tlws, full sister to Bulldog's sire, Avalon Rhymer Image.
  • Caer Wydr  ponies of both sections, including, Caer Wydr Wayne (Sec B g-grandson at Oakmede Farms).
My personal breeding  goal, clearly set the very first day I saw the Avalon herd,  was to breed a B sized hartmoor - one I could ride.

We put Hartmoor behind our Bs by breeding  his daughters & grandaughters to Lithgow Gay Grenadier to and retaininng a Grenadier son out of Ghosty, our Hartmoor daughter (full sister to Tylwyth's Avalon Bonnie Tlws).  the combination made for exceptionally sane & solid ponies - each & every one a great ride & lovable plus.

 It is equally gratifying to see other  programs using Hartmoor, no matter the source,  to breed Sections A,B and sometimes C.

Ghosty was out of *Clan Dana daughter (Texas Bonnie, out of another *Clan Dana daughter, *Ankerwycke Clan Snowdon) and the other Hartmoor stock I used had similar breeding. Consequently, *Marsh Silver Cities, the son of *Clan Dana's full sister,  *Daffodil, a proven producer in her own right, was an excellent addition.

Pilar and Xanadu
*Marsh Silver Cities
(Criban Silver Hackles x *Daffodil)

Sadly, I have no pictures of Marsh other than those carried in memory and traces I wistfully see in his descendants.  Sarah Martin's  2004 colt (Seabreeze prefix)  out of his grandaughter, Starstruck, is one.

This is the place to record his strenghs  but not to pretend Marsh was something he was not.  He could & did  throw good heads from mares with impressive hood ornaments, such as Gaenor, Flirt, and maiden, but was himself a tad cigar headed, belying that dash of Hackney pony in his sire's line and
not uncommon in old lines .

Amply outweighing that, Marsh had tremendous bone, the loveliest of eyes, breathtaking reach, free shoulder movement, length of neck and hip, a short back, good topline, correct hind quarters, brilliant movement, and the kindest disposition possible. He also appears in the pedigrees of many Pickwick, Muscle Shoals, Open Gates, and Counce ponies, some still in active breeding herds but many not. Several Section A mares at Production Acres are granddaughters. Marsh is less well known than his maternal half-sibs, *Texas Daisy (dam of Bristol Sun God, Open Gates Daisy, and Open Gates Violet), Texas Mohican (sire of HW Gwyndy Glo and CC Dawn), or Dakotah Gomadh's Pledge (sire of Meadowlawn Squire).

Best rescue from a trip to the auction barn I ever made.
Sadder than having no pictures, I had but one foal crop from him. 
Caer Wydr Xanadu
*Marsh Silver Cities x Homestead Flirt)

shown with Pilar, who claimed him at birth - "MY pony"!

...perhaps even then  imprinting him for Mary Beth Tarver's grandson Hunter decades later.

The bond was fitting - Marsh was the one to restore her confidence after a pony under something too low for rider mishap had made her wary.

Seeing Xanadu with Hunter, I saw Marsh again.


Smoke Tree Tamarin
(x *Marsh Gaenor,
a Pickwick import & owned by Smoke Tree.

Daughter Tamarin, by Severn West Wind, is probably her best known offspring. 


Seabreeze Starstruck
(RosMel's Dark Star x Caer Wydr Rapunzel by Silver Cities)

2004 colt by Tylwyth Dillon

Smoke Tree Tamarin

Starstruck and 2004 colt

Caer Wydr Continuations

Lilith's daughter, Oakemede Marquee
Welsh/Arab cross mare, ex Caer Wydr Lilith
(by Lithgow Gay Grenadier x Avalon Evening Star,
a *Hartmoor Rhymer granddaughter)

Bred by Becky Francis, now at Tylwyth

Brian's daughter, Pecan Creek's Choir of Angels
Pecan Creek's Choir of Angels
(Caer Wydr Brian x Pecan Creek's Serenade)
Cartwheel Pony Farm

Madoc Leif Erickson, Megan Benghe
Madoc Leif Erickson B, 12.3h, g,1990
Linebred *Hartmoor Rhymer (4x)
(Avalon Bulldog x Dixie Wendy by Texas Explorer)

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Xanadu and daughter Paddy
Paddy & Pop (Caer Wydr Xanadu)

Dividing Ridge Little Rascal
Divide's Little Rascal (Caer Wydr Xanadu)
and more to come...

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