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        This is where I will tell pony tales out of school, reminisce about going  from Warmbloods to Welsh, set straight the saga of the Avalon herd, inflict breeding theory on anyone willing to read it, and otherwise commemorate the ponies my daughter Pilar,  the "Riding Place"students, and i spent so many years enjoying.

          For those wondering how  I came up with such an unpronounceable prefix, I have a whole page explaining that and going into detail about the relationship between Caer Wydr and Avalon in Welsh mythology

          It's been a long road from Louisiana & ponies to California & graduate school  - and finally here , Mountainair NM.  10 years  is too long to be without a pony, but now  I have one again (and hoping it won't really be like potato chips).
Celeste LeTarde, a pony-riding former pupil now living in Georgia & still pony-mad, made it her project to get Caer Wydr Sable back to me. There is a symmetry to Sable's homecoming as she is by Xanadu, the first welsh pony I bred under my own prefix, by my *Daffodil son, *Marsh  Silver Cities (yet another story worth telling in itself) and out my first Section B mare, Homestead Flirt (purchased from Lou Frank on a hunch).  Ghosty was always mine by association but actual ownership came later.

        Eventually, I plan to have more about the stallions who contributed (quite willingly I might add) to the herd -  Marsh, Xanadu, Merlin, Grenadier, and Gary.   Additionally, all contributed as beloved companions and safe, fun children's mounts.  There will be more on the mares too. Nor can I forget about the geldings  - Charlie, Solitaire, Peaches, Clyde, Rebop, Cody (1/4 Welsh)... and the  Welsh-challenged equnes.  Harldly their fault to have had the bad luck not to be born ponies.  Expect more than a few  less than professional quality pictures and a lot of informal, non-show pictures.

       Because this page is not to promote a farm selling ponies or an active breeding program, I intend to devote considerable space to other people's ponies, with links galore.  This project is a way for me to explore Caer Wydr continuations as well as the lines I focused on and whose influence I remain interested in. 


PS. Here is a picture of Sable, 1st day in New Mexico, checking out our view  from here - the Manzano Mountains.  the troll in the background distracting from an otherwise satisfactory composition is yours truly.

Sable vewing the Manzanos

And her commissioned
Floorcloth "portrait"  ...

out for a ride 
Out for a ride...

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