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Poets & Writers Picnic

Reader & accompanying flutist


David "Apple" Baker

David "Apple" Baker is a poet, folk musician, healer, and sometime resident of Moutainair. His delightful Native American flute music accompanied Dale's poems in her CD "Cibola Seasons."  Author of Surf's Up (A Contemporary Mythological Awareness in Prose of America and Who We Are), Apple (and friends) joined Dale for Studio & Gallery Tour 2005 Art Alley poetry performance.

Apple, who works with qi gong energy, has Native American ancestors and plays the Native American flute to help heal the earth.

"I stop and honor tree, then play," Baker said. "Then I stop and honor rock. And something else plays the flute; I am out of my body. I'm the most spiritual when I can allow healing to happen."

He tells stories of spiritual experiences in nature, such as the one where he couldn't find mushrooms to collect in a rainforest on Vancouver Island until he asked a tree for direction. He listened and immediately walked to ground popping with mushrooms.


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Mountainair 87036

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