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Poets & Writers Picnic

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From left: Anne Egger, Tani Arness, Elise McHugh, Kimberly Summers


When women get together to laugh, read, write, play, support, and inspire, the result is Glorious. We have been meeting regularly for six years to pursue what is fresh, stunning, and life giving in poetry. Each of us - Tani Arness, Anne Egger, Elise McHugh and Kimberly Summers - is a published, talented artist in her own right, bringing her distinct style, opinions and passion to our love of poetry.  We have read at venues around Albuquerque and have a variety of projects in the works.

 "Muses Dancing on Mount Helicon," oil by Vesna Grujin

for more information about the Poets & Writers Picnic or the Poetry Writing Workshop, contact Dale Harris, 505-242-4930

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Mountainair 87036

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