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Kate Horsley
reading at TVI, September 30, 2002

Kate Horsley

Kate Horsley lives in Albuquerque and teaches writing at Central New Mexico Community College (CNM), formerly TVI. Her second novel, A Killing in New Town was the winner of the 1996 Western States Book Award for Fiction, the New Mexico Press Women's Award, and the Albuquerque Bravo Award. She is also the author of Crazy Woman, Careless Love, A Killing in New Town, Confessions of a Pagan Nun, and most recently, The Changeling of Finnistuath (2004),

Crazy Woman (now in its third printing) is about an Anglo woman from Virginia who moves to New Mexico and falls in love with the native culture. The following book, A Killing in New Town, is set in Las Vegas, NM. UNM Press published Careless Love, the third in this trilogy, in 2003. 

Not all her historical novels are set in the Americas: in Confessions of a Pagan Nun, Kate wrote about Irish tribes about a pagan woman who, when forced to become Catholic, decides to become a nun.

Reviews and articles

UNM Press: Careless Love, 2006


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