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Meet us at the gazebo in the Shaffer Hotel garden...

 in Mountainair NM. Saturday August 23, 2008 for the

Gazebo. Shaffer Hotel, Mountainair NM

11th Annual Poets & Writers Picnic

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Go to the Poets and Writers Picnic blog for your news and updates on the 2008 Poets & Writers Picnic (PWP) and the Sunflower Poetry Writing Workshop.

While there, post your comments, thoughts, ideas, suggestions and more - interact with PWP. Visit and enjoy our selection of poetry links, poems and related posts. The original Mountainair Arts (the blog) will continue coverage but Poets and Writers Picnic, the blog, is now the primary website.

Pages of Picnics past & other poetry pages will remain online at for reference & as a poetry resource. Other than updating index page as portal announcing dates and sending visitors to the blog, maintainance will be minimal.

Workshop participants around the Shaffer Hotel Firepit

2008 Sunflower Poetry Writing Workshop

The 2008 Poetry Writing Workshop, August 21-23, 2008. Because there is always so much to cover in a poetry writing workshop and the 2005 and 2006 workshop were so well received, Picnic and Workshop organizer Dale Harris expanded the Workshop to three days last year. That in turn was so enthusiastically greeted and well received that once again (and likely into ensuing years) the three day Sunflower Poetry Writing Workshop abides and thrives... continually fine tuned along the way. This year's Workshop adds two new sessions, plein air writing at The Land/ An Art Site, and creating a poetry blog.

Download Draft 2008 Sunflower Poetry Workshop brochure
Download 2008 Poets & Writers Picnic/Writing Workshop flyer

  • 11th Annual Poets & Writers Picnic - Saturday August 23, 2008, 12n - 5 pm
  • Sunflower Poetry Workshop - August 21-23. Starting Thursday evening, continuing  all day Friday through noon Saturday August 23. Workshop participants are encouraged to continue their workshop experience by reading at the Poets & Writers Picnic
Once again, the Shaffer Hotel offers workshop enrollees a good discount on rooms. 2008 Workshop fee is $125 (classes only). Limited scholarships and partial attendance discounts for workshop may be available, to be negotiated on an individual basis.

For more details and updates on the Poetry Writing Workshop, full and partial workshop scholarships, or the Poets & Writers Picnic, contact Dale Harris.

Mountainair Arts

The original Mountainair Arts (a community and arts blog) will continue to cover the Poets & Writers Picnic, Sunflower Festival, supplementing and crosslinking with the Picnic's very own blog. as well as covering Manzano Mountain Arts Council (MMAC), Mountainair, and other area events events of interest.

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