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Poets & Writers Picnic

Featured Readers, 2004

Poetry of NM  / The Drunken Boat / Lunarosity / Santa Fe Poetry Boradside / ABQ Poetry Slam


  • Debbi Brody has co-owned and operated Canyon Road Contemporary Art Inc. in Santa Fe since 1994. Her work appears in Ghost Ranch Poetry Anthology annuals 1998-2003, The Broomweed Journal, Poetica Magazine and Central Avenue. Her recent chapbook is titled FreeForm.
  • Lisa Gill - author of Red As A Lotus, La Alameda Press, letters to Thomas Merton.  Originally given an old copy of Thomas Merton’s Seeds of Contemplation by a friend’s mother, Lisa Gill began a series of 14 line poems which meticulously transcribe her own spiritual reckoning. NM Invitational at the Taos Poetry Circus.  Seattle Poetry Festival. Fargo Poetry Slam.

  • Gary Mex Glazner founded Poetry Slams in San Francisco, spent most of 1998 travelling around the world both gathering & giving out poetry, settled in Santa Fe, charter reader at the very first Poets' Picnic.  "He is a graduate of Sonoma State University's Expressive Arts program with an emphasis in poetry. His poetry has appeared in anthologies, periodicals, on CD, radio, television, and underwater on the Bay Area Rapid Transit system. His poems have been translated into Chinese, Moldavian, Nepali, and Vietnamese."  (2003 interview, Hoard magazine)

  • Cari Griffo is a published poet, and significantly shines as a performance poet. Her work has appeared in numerous literary publications and anthologies.  Amid her chapbooks, a collection of over 40 poems is published in her book, Ripening, Molti Frutti productions (1997). Cari has also recorded the CD Ripening (poetry set to music), produced by Glen Neff (1997). She has performed her poetry in collaboration with musicians at such notable venues as, The Nuyorican Poets Café and The Knitting Factory in Manhattan, and Site Santa Fe in Santa Fe. Recently, Cari Griffo completed her first novel, Standing Under Trees.
  • Kat Heatherington teaches English (Contemporary Women's Literature, Women's literature, particularly poetry, feminist theory, modernism, and science fiction/fantasy genre literature by women) at the University of New Mexico.  Published in The TMP Irregular (Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry)
  • Mary McGinnes, publications include Listening For Cactus & Written With A Spoon (Sherman Asher) Blind since childhood, she is a social worker and disabilities advocate.
  • Todd Moore - current credits: just starting to co edit a poetry magazine called St. Vitus's Dance with his son.  also, have had a chapbook out this year from Spankstra Press called The Weather In Hell.  Next year Spankstra will bring out a book comprising two new sections of DILLINGER ---- Sign of the Gun and Russian Roulette, the book as of yet untitled.  Read The Wolf in the Cornfield, a complete section of Dillinger, at Lummox
  • Rachelle Woods is the organizer for many recent peace and free speech events in Santa Fe. She has recorded her poems on a CD Poets For Peace (Santa Fe School For Wonder) Her work appears in Central Avenue and La Manzanita poetry publications.



  • Stephen Ausherman  (read "Landfill" on Fiction Attic)

    Travelers are a restless tribe, and Stephen Ausherman is one of their most active members. Nomadic, often solitary, he exists in a state of perpetual dislocation, an ideal vantage point for observing people and places on the edge of chaos. Days before a devastating hurricane, he hikes through a Honduran cloud forest with the U.S. Marines. In India, he meets police guarding a shrine they would rather see destroyed. And in Zanzibar, he sails with boisterous Vikings who proclaim themselves ‘the largest tribe in the world.’ 

  • Sharon Niederman is an Albuquerque journalist, essayist, travel writer and photographer. Among her other books is: A Quilt of Words: Women¹s Diaries, Letters &  Original Accounts of Life in the Southwest, 1860-1960, winner of the Border Regional Library Association¹s Southwest Book Award for "contribution to the history and culture of the Southwest." The book is called Return to Abo and will be published by University of New Mexico Press, Spring, 2005.

Following a professional crisis, San Francisco journalist Maggie Chilton is called home to the drought-stricken New Mexico ranching village of Monte Alto. The death of her beloved surrogate father, ranch hand Elias Romero, triggers her re-engagement with the people and places she fled following high school graduation:  her tough rancher mother,  Lucy Chilton; her former boyfriend, Roger Dawson, now mayor, trying to save Monte Alto through development; Tommie Herrera, the best friend who betrayed her, now grieving the loss of her son; and Ivy McGrath, the retired English teacher turned feisty newspaper editor. Against the harsh beauty of the landscape and the memories it holds, Maggie re-encounters the forces that shaped her as three generations of women  -- Maggie, her mother and her estranged teenage daughter, Hannah -- struggle to make peace with each other and the land they love.

More poetry at ars poetica, NM Poets & the plog

for more information about the Poets & Writers Picnic, contact Dale Harris, 505-242-4930

Poetry of NM  / The Drunken Boat / Lunarosity / Santa Fe Poetry Broadside / ABQ Poetry Slam

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Poets & Writers Picnic
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