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celebrate sunflowers, life, art and music
come to Mountainair, New Mexico, Saturday August 23, 2014

Mountainair Sunflower Festival

presented by the Manzano Mountain Arts Council in collaboration with all Mountainair

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Attractions, Contact Information, Sunflowers Galore!


see Sunflower Festival page for additional information
about featured arts council events and activities

Juried Art & Crafts at the Dr Saul Community Center  

 Live music and entertainment in the Town Square (in front of Community Center)

Town Square Open Air Market

Mountainair buskers: musicians Lenora and Gloria will be all over town, 10 am - 2 pm

Poets & Writers Picnic Reunion 12n-5pm at the Shaffer Hotel Gazebo!
     Sunflower Art and activities about town:
children's sunflower art, 2008 Mountainair Sunflower Festival
  • Children's Sunflower Art Project (MES) displayed in participating storefront windows
  • Other sunflower displays in local storefront windows
  • Impromptu & unscheduled sunflower and other folk art at various locations 
  • Children’s activities: between Bakery and Cibola Arts
  • Sunflower billboard “photo op” (by children's activities)
 MMAC Silent Auction ~ art items, antiques and more, Dr. Saul Building

Van of Enchantment (at Salinas Visitors Center)

Self-guided tours
    • strolling about town, Broadway-Main-Summit loops 
    • touring the MMAC Community Mosaic and Bench Projects
    • Gordon Mc Math's "critters" ~ folk art metal sculptures,  3rd St behind Shaffer Hotel
    • exploring the historic Shaffer Hotel, Pueblo Art Deco ceilings in the dining room, famous wild folk art cement gate, garden, gazebo and more.
    • driving out to Rancho Bonito to see more of Pop Shaffer's wild folk art
    • visiting the Salinas Pueblo Missions ruins at Abó, Quarai and Gran Quivira
Sunflower Hat Parade and Contest
Mountainair Farm & Garden Market, Sidewalk Sales on Broadway, Street Vendors and Yard Sales about town

Annual Library Booksale, on Town Square in front of Mountainair Community Library

Art sales on Broadway: Earthsong Gallery, Cibola Arts, Gypsy Raven Gallery, Mountainair Emporium

Dragon Forge blacksmithing demonstrations by LeRoy Simmon, behind Earthsong Gallery. View more of his forge art at Alpine Alley on N. Summit

In Mountainair  everyone dons sunflowers for the Festival

For more information

Manzano Mountain Art Council

PO Box 534, Mountainair,
New Mexico 87036

Call (505) 847-2855

MMAC Contact page

  Sunflowers Galore!

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Attractions, Contact Information, Sunflowers Galore!

road to Mountainair NM

Just follow US 60 or NM 55 to the heart of New Mexico & you'll find us..

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