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come to Mountainair NM August 25 & 26

Sunflower Festival 2001

celebrating life, music, art, & poetry

in Mountainair NM 87036

August 25-26, 2001

Check out Sunflower Arts Festival 2000 for a partial preview of the 2001 Sunflower Festival.

There are changes and additions. This year's Sunflower Festival adds to the roster of arts. In addition to

Double your festival, double your fun: the Annual St. Alice Feista, put on by Saint Alice Parish, Mountainair, is the same weekend. More music (mariachi), dancing, food, fun...

Abo Trading Company, the Mountainair Small Business Association, and participating merchants presents

The Sunflower Music Festival

and the Torrance County Arts Council presents

A Chautauqua  (Saturday, 2 pm, Tohu Bohu)

The program changes, but the purpose remains the same: to bid farewell to summer with a splendid day under the sun, enjoying of art, music, poetry, dancing, fellowship, and festivities.

Michael McGarrity book signing

Van of Enchantment

Trail of the Painted Ponies

Lecture/slide show on "outsider art"

Diamonds in the Field concert

Festival Schedule (August 24-26)

Sunflower Arts Festival 2000

A gallery of sunflowers & sunflower links from around the world


Just follow US 60 or NM 55 to the heart of New Mexico & you'll find us...


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byVanessa (June 21, 2001)