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Manzano sunflowers, photo by Mary Schultz
photo by Mary Schultz, Cibola Arts

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  • The Paintings: van Gogh's Sunflower series.  A complete listing of the sunflower works, with dates painted, present locations, and thumbnail links to larger images. When most people think of Van Gogh's sunflower paintings, they generally think of the works produced in Arles, France during 1888-89. However, there are also four earlier sunflower paintings from Vincent's Paris period. While these four works are starkly different than the Arles sunflower series, they nevertheless reflect an outstanding achievement in Vincent's evolution as a painter.

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Modern Sunflowers

"Girasoles" - sunflower field in the Spanish Pyrenees

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Sunflower art car (picture of 2002 Houston Art Car Parade entry)

Krychevsky Art Gallery "Sunflower," Ukraine

Krychevsky Sunflower pictures & posters from

N. Wygant sunflower painting  Sunflower painting by N. Wygant, Albuquerque 

N. Wygant sunflower painting Dale Harris' Sunflower Pottery & Poem


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