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Update time again. Le plus ça change, le plus c'est le même chose. Virtual locations & cyber spaces - null space by any other name - still number increasingly as "significant places,"  and there are even more of them. Since the last (years ago) update, I discovered moocs, aggregation and adjunct adjunct advocacy ~ all online. Still blogging - even more of them. No longer teaching except for pedagogical intent of projects and occasional ESL online.  I finally found adjunct games worth playing. Hope and hard headedness can do that to you. Still community involved, albeit with ever increasing distance and snark.

This page my tunc et nunquam pages wish list, with links making do. Before blogging, I
conceived of the site as a series of pages for my places and interests. Some progress - note domain name and absence of ads.  Personal blogroll, projects and social  media are next on this particular update... if I get to them before the next one is due or am here for it.

Significant places in my life

in the continental 48

New Mexico 


New York, New York
  • the state


  • Cairo
  • Alexandria





  • Jaca
  • Zaragoza
  • Huesca
  • las Canarias
  • Other

Other cities
City Literature

Horses, of course  Degas sketch
  • check "Friends" for Welsh & other horsey pages

Books, books & more books


Friends' pages & other links

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