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New Mexico USA

photo by Mary Schultz

What to see in & around Mountainair

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Artists & Artisans: Artworks & Collectibles

Abo Trading Post

Diann Bradshaw
corner of US Hwy 60 & NM Hwy 55

Cibola Arts Cooperative

A cooperative of Mountainair and area artists, 217 W Broadway; 847-0324; Mary Schultz, coordinator

Dragon Ash

Leroy Simmons, metalsmith. Studio on Broadway behind Earthsong Gallery

Earthsong Gallery

JoAnn Dale; Broadway,  across from Elementary School

Out of Tyme Shoppe

Joan Page
Summitt Ave; NM Hwy 55 North, across from Mountainair Clinic

Monuments, Curiosities & Sights of Interest

Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument

(17th Century Spanish Franciscan Churches): 

Abo (San Gregorio de Abo.) 9 mi. W, off US 60
Quarai (Nuestra Señora de la Purisima Concepcion de Cuarac) 10 mi. N, off NM 55
Gran Quivera 25 mi. S, off NM 55

Shaffer Hotel 

built by Clem "Pop" Shaffer in 1923, after his blacksmith shop burned. The hotel served railroad travelers and workers. Shaffer decorated the building - most notably the interior & exterior of the dining room - with graphics inspired by Native Americannnn designs. Shaffer also built the furniture and fireplaces, as well as a concrete fence to the west of the building. 

Rancho Bonito

also built by Clem "Pop" Shaffer and featuring original designs typical of those gracing the Shaffer. Hwy 55 South. Dorothy Cole, Mountainair Heritage Foundation.

Meds & More

take a sentimental journey... have an old fashioned ice cream soda at the local drugstore's soda fountain...  40s original, lovingly restored. On Broadway, next to Wells Fargo

Uncle Walter's Trading Post

A one of kind place. Mural front. On Broadway, across from Meds & More. 

Cibola National Forest (Manzano District)

The Mountainair Ranger District is made up of the Gallinas and Manzano mountains, approximately one to two and one-half hours from Albuquerque and 30 minutes to one and one-half hours from Belen and Los Lunas. 

Among the many attractions is the largest stand of Rocky Mountain large tooth maples in New Mexico at the head of Tajique Canyon.  Small, predominantly Hispanic communities, (most of them land grant communities), surround the Manzanos. The area in general is agriculturally   based, with very close ties to the land. Local residents place high value in their heritage and ties to the mountains.

Manzano Mountains State Park

Nestled in the wooded foothills of the Manzano (the Spanish word for apple) Mountains, Manzano Mountains State Park is an excellent place for fishing, bird watching, photography, hiking, and cross-country skiing. 

Scenic Route & Artists' Corridor: Mountainair to Estancia, NM Hwy 55 

Tijeras Canyon

Estancia Valley Salt Flats

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